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The joy of biking in Texas

Bikers in front of the Dallas skyline

There’s no better way to explore the endless variety of landscapes in Texas than on two wheels. You can mountain bike down steep canyon trails, pedal up to the highest point on the Texas highway system, or lose yourself in a curtain of pines. No matter where you are in Texas, there’s likely some excellent biking to be done. 


Bikes provide Texans with a fun way to stay active and explore the outdoors with friends and family. Bikes are a great way to be Texan by Nature, whether you ride them on a 100-mile-long epic trail or just around the block to get some ice cream.


If you live in Central Texas, you're in luck since several of the counties here have wonderful and gorgeous trails in many of their parks. In Texas, there is a wide range of Biking routes to explore. One can choose a suitable and exciting trail for bike riding according to their adventure needs. For example, you can enjoy newly added trails in central Texas and the northern part of the state, where you can enjoy a variety of bike trails, such as mountain trails, gravel trails, and paved trails.

Bike adventures in Texas 

Over 95% of the land in Texas is privately owned, and the state is lucky to have landowners who care about protecting natural areas and letting people enjoy the state's wonderful resources. Incredible adventures await on these private lands that include Comfort, Texas Flat Rock Ranch, Reville Peak Ranch in Burnet, Flat Creek Crossing in Johnson City, Smithville's Rocky Hill Ranch, Bandera Bike Park, and Warda's Bluff Creek Ranch.

In order to cover the costs of insurance and trail materials, many of these trails require visitors to pay an entrance fee. However, the landowner can make a livelihood off of the land without having to sell it to developers. This aids in preserving land as wilderness and open space.


Make sure to get the most out of the many trails that bikers can use. If you don't know the trails, the best thing to do is to find a local group and join their ride. Also, your local bike shop can put you in touch with meet-up groups in the area or point you in the right direction.


Additionally, we've further filtered a few more of the top biking routes and trails in Texas:

1. The San Antonio History Scramble

San Antonio is not only beautiful but also fantastic for biking. With over 30 miles of paved trails, you and your family can easily bike around the city. The northern section of the trail runs from Bracken Ridge Park south to Mission Park, where you can explore San Antonio's 16-mile Mission Reach trail system, which connects four national historic missions: Mission San Juan, Mission Espada, Mission San José, and Mission Concepcion. These developed bike-friendly paths/trails are completely separated from traffic and are accessible to bikers of all skill levels.

2. The Lost Pines Ramble

The famous Lost Pines Ramble, located just outside Smithville on Park Road 1-C, between popular Bastrop and Buescher state parks, is a 12-mile strip where riders can enjoy biking at their own pace. Explore the hills and ride the sparsely trafficked routes if you need a mental boost or want to go out for a fitness ride. Don't miss the scenic sights or the adorable pileated woodpeckers hammering away.

3. Cross Timbers Rails-to-Trails

The Cross Timbers Rails-to Trails are gravel paths that run alongside an old railroad line between Weatherford and Mineral Wells in Parker and Palo Pinto counties. Converted into a recreational trail in 1998, the trail is open to Bikers and visitors of all types. The multipurpose trail's scenic lake views and historic wooden bridges are its highlights.

Choosing the right bike in Texas 

If you live in Texas and are looking for a used bike, the Pedals app can make choosing the right one a breeze. Pedals is a great way to find the perfect bike for every circumstance, with an easy-to-use interface that makes finding the right bike quick and painless. On the Pedals app, you can search through a selection of all types of bikes. You can also narrow down your search by selecting the type of bike you’re looking for (mountain, road, commuter, etc.).


When choosing the right bike for your needs, you should consider the terrain you plan to ride in and how you plan to use the bike. If you’re looking for a bike to take you on long rides through the Texas hills and windy roads, a road bike is the right choice. For shorter rides through town of errands, a commuter bike or mountain bike would be your best pick.

Welcome to the Pedals App

The Pedals is an online bike-selling app that allows users to grab great deals on bikes for the same or slightly different product that they desire while choosing from a wide range of used bikes for sale in Texas, and other states in the US.


The Pedals app is an online bike-selling app that offers customers a much easier way to purchase a premium bike without breaking the bank. With its user-friendly Android and iOS apps, it is now simpler to buy and sell standard or performance bikes, bike parts, and equipment. With the help of the Pedals app, bikers who thought it would not be possible to own a bike on their budget are now able to afford the bicycle of their dreams - just message the seller on their urgency of selling. Specifically, Texas cyclists can now find used bikes for sale in Texas, as well as used bikes for sale anywhere in the United States. 

Best riding apparel for bikers in Texas

The best thing about the biking people in Texas cities, as you will see while biking along the state's picturesque streets, is that they all approach any sport or physical activity with the utmost professionalism. You will frequently find them riding their bikes while donning trendy clothing that both conveys their enthusiasm and provides practical functionality, which will generate a willingness for you to purchase the same design of apparel right away. 


Again, you are drawn back to match your biking goals with these fancy, cool, functional, but expensive bike apparel and padded gear. The good news is that you can always find branded and premium quality clothing, apparel, and related products on the Pedals app for a fraction of the original price, whether it's a cool jersey with a fancy pattern, a pair of little black bib shorts, or a super-insulated winter jacket that allows you to breathe comfortably even in the cold. Additionally, using pre-owned protective gear can be more practical because you won't have to worry about losing it and can go as raw on the track while still having the same level of protection.

Year-round bike races and events in Texas

1: The LBJ 100

The LBJ 100 Bicycle Tour is a ride to preserve history. The annual bicycle tour through the Texas Hill Country has grown to become an iconic event. The Friends of Lyndon B. Johnson organize the 62-mile LBJ 100 bike ride, which is in its 13th year. Proceeds from the event go toward educational and preservation projects at the Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park!


2. L'Étape San Antonio by Tour de France

Discover the legend of the Tour de France in Texas! L'Étape San Antonio, presented by Tour de France, is a vital part of a global amateur biking competition that aims to emulate the experience of competing in the Tour de France. A course designed by Tour de France experts will take you through the neighborhoods in Texas that you recognize and cherish before heading off into the hills. Participate in this prestigious series' sole American stage. If you enjoy riding or have just recently acquired a bike, this challenge is for you.

3: Hotter’N hell hundred

This is one of the country's oldest and largest biking events. Riders from all over the world descend on Wichita Falls, Texas for four days of challenging and inspiring activities. THIS YEAR, FROM AUGUST 24 TO AUGUST 27, 2023. Around 13,000 riders are expected to attend and participate in the exciting event.


4: Graveld Locos

To participate in the Gravel Locos 150, you must register and make a donation, with all earnings benefiting the Hico Volunteer Fire Department. Alison Tetrick, Jess Cerra, Ted King, Peter Stetina, Dylan Johnson, Mat Stephens, Sam Boardman, and The Vegan Cyclist will be among the featured pro riders. Riders will travel three distinct race routes beginning in Hico, Texas, in the heart of the heartland.

If you want to participate and exemplify your biking abilities to the community, now is the time! Begin preparing for these above-mentioned races/events and many more, in right away with the Pedals app.


Find bikes and biking equipment in Texas with the Pedals app

If you want to compete in an upcoming thrilling race or merely a fun bicycling event, it is critical that your bike accessories are designed to enhance speed and decrease weight.


Perfect bikes with all of these modifications are similarly pricey on the market, and not everyone can afford them. The Pedals bike selling app in Texas can assist you in finding everything you need for your bike, from professional gear such as an electric derailleur groupset and deep-profile full carbon wheels to great entry-level gear such as the right road bike shoes, shorts with a seat pad, and a wide range of jerseys. For used items, find accessories at all price levels. 


We are all aware of the importance of safety when bicycling. Every rider must be completely prepared for on-trail obstacles such as broken down paths or slippery slopes that enhance the difficulty level. The Pedals app has all the cycling equipment you need, such as cassettes, chains, brake pads, fenders and lighting, to make your next riding experience safe for both you and other riders.


The Pedals app has a wide range of bike equipment, including standard cross-country, trail, all-mountain, enduro, and downhill bikes. Our all-in-one platform can even give you with the bike-packing gear, add-on components, and accessories you need to fulfill the demands of any bike enthusiast.


The Pedal's app is a marketplace for cyclists 

The Pedals app, an online bike-selling app, where cyclists of all levels can buy, sell used bikes, gear and clothing. We provide a large range of road, mountain, and e-bikes. The Pedals website strives to centralize everything from purchasing to selling used bikes and accessories by listing bikes, parts, gear, and equipment that are available to anybody. Live in Texas? Buy a used bike in Texas on the Pedals mobile app. 


With a portfolio of several listed brands, we provide a diverse range of bicycles to meet the demands of every rider while satisfying their aspirations of purchasing of quality bikes. We are considered the easiest way cyclists users to sell or purchase used bikes in Texas and related equipment. Buying your bike on the Pedals app is an excellent way to begin your bicycling journey and for experienced riders, a source to level up your performance. 

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