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Elevating the thrill of biking in Ohio with the Pedals App

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Ohio is a veritable treasure trove of trails that wind through national parks, along lakeshores and waterways, and through the state's largest cities. Despite the fact that Ohio has the fifth-most rail trails and over 1,000 miles of the completed rail trail, the state has no plans to slow down. Presently, there are multiple trail networks in development and around forty-five known rail-trail projects underway.


Bike trails are an excellent way to discover Ohio. In addition, the state was recently recognized for having the most US Bike Route miles in the country. As the number of US Bike Routes has grown to over 17,000 miles in the last decade, Ohio has added 1,523 miles of many scenic natural areas, and gorgeous trails. This is more than any other state has, making Ohio an ideal choice for a biker who desires a smooth ride while enjoying the beautiful scenery around. Consequently, one needs to explore the best biking routes here. 


Get ready for the biking adventures in Ohio!

Those who have experienced the vibe and adventure of a bike riding on the symmetric trails and tracks of Ohio covered with alluring terrains, greenery, and city view say  "its a place that is no less than a paradise for bike enthusiasts as well for newbies". With the summer humidity (slowly) dissipating, a long bike ride in Ohio can truly be a breath of fresh air, and with autumn on the horizon, the trails showcase Ohio at its most scenic time of year.

If you've been enjoying Northeast Ohio's recent growth in bike trails, you'll be curious to learn how it fits into the state's overall landscape. Tourism Ohio's bikeways map displays 21 significant bike trails and trail networks. The Ohio to Erie Trail, which stretches 326 miles from Cincinnati to Cleveland and is almost entirely off-road, is the jewel in the crown.

The following are our picks for the most beautiful bike paths in Ohio, and they're ideal for taking in the upcoming fall foliage.


1. Conotton Creek Trail:

As the trail crosses Conotton Creek throughout the journey on this largely forested rail trail, riders are sure to see five covered bridges. Ponds, gently rolling foothills, and three small towns make up the landscape.

2. Creekside Trail:

The Creekside Trail is part of Southwest Ohio's Miami Valley Trails, which is said to be the nation's largest paved trail network. This trail offers impressive connections potential. The Great Miami River Trail can be reached from the east end of the Creekside Trail in Dayton by connecting to the Mad River Recreational Trail. The city of Xenia, a hub for biking trails with access to the Ohio to Erie Trail and the Xenia-Jamestown Connector, is located at the western end of Creekside Trail.

3. Emerald Necklace Trail: 

This route takes you through some of Cleveland's most beautiful park scenery. Highlights include the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and five Cleveland Metroparks reservations. The majority of the 50+ miles are off-road. Unless you're a regular biker, trying to complete the 53-mile trip in one day can be challenging, despite the fact that it is a very scenic route.

4. Great Ohio Lake to River Greenway

Ashtabula, Ohio's largest county, is traversed by the 27-mile Western Reserve Greenway. Large former railroad trestles in Rock Creek, a 40-acre trailhead at Lampson Road in Austinburg, and a restored 1897 King Bridge Co. bridge are all part of the trail.

Additionally, The list continuous to various other beautiful trails that OHIO is blessed to have, including:



So pack your stuff and get ready to explore the wonderful biking trails that OHIO has to offer! If you don’t have a bike to ride then don’t worry, The Pedals app is here for you.

Find bikes on the Pedals app to ride in Ohio

Ohio bike trails are an important aspect of a broader vision that includes bike activism for bike-friendly communities, recreational and commuting opportunities, trail networks, green space preservation, eco-friendly and energy-efficient transportation, and healthy living. 


Blessed with excellent innovators like the Wright brothers, who started building Van Cleve Bicycles and used the collected sum of the profits to finance flying experiments circa 1896". All of these diversified facets of biking make Ohio home to enthusiastic bikers, including professionals, amateurs, and newcomers. People come to Ohio to show their love for biking and to experience the fun of biking to the fullest.


With the arrival of bikers from all over the country, Ohio has seen a diverse influx of a sudden change in biking trends, as bikers from various origins, states, and even countries come flaunting their advanced and trending bikes as fashion statements, which creates a strong desire among other bikers to own the same type of or even more specialized bike.


However, this willingness might be difficult to fulfill financially because certain high-end bikes like triathlon bikes and e-bikes can be expensive to buy or import. However, with the help of the Pedals app, people who might not otherwise be able to afford a bike can still own the bike of their dreams while remaining within their means.


Buy local bikes and cycling gear

The Pedals app allows users to grab amazingly cost-cutting deals for the same or slightly different bike or related product while choosing from a wide range of used bikes for sale. This app is a much more accessible approach for people who want a premium bike but do not want to pay much. Thus, with the help of The Pedals app, buying or selling pre-owned basic or exotic bikes, bike parts, and local equipment becomes simple. You can end your quest to buy used bikes in Ohio here, with the Pedals app. 


In addition, you will benefit from the best user experience from the Pedals app's soon-to-be-released Android app and our iOS software, which is currently available for advertising, searching for, and purchasing used bikes for sale in Ohio and other states in the nation.

The Popular bike races that take place in Ohio.

If you own an advanced bike, now is the perfect time to step up your biking level and get ready for upcoming biking competitions and events that are currently happening or are about to happen in Ohio.


The most famous bike races and events in Ohio.

1. Tour de Granville

The Tour de Grandview includes professional biking competition through suburban Grandview's streets as well as a number of spectator-friendly events and activities. Both male and female bikers including juniors compete in the races, divided into several professional categories. The layout of the course is intended to enthrall spectators with its frantic activity, acute turns, and thrilling finish-line action. The occasion also inspires a delightful assortment of yard parties, neighborhood get-togethers, and family reunions that give the races a fun and festive atmosphere.


2. Ohio Gravel Race Series

The great state of Ohio's eight distinct gravel road races makes up the point-based Ohio Gravel Race Series. Racers will put themselves to the test on a variety of roads, including asphalt, gravel, dirt, singletrack trails, and rural backroads. With distances ranging from 50 to 130 miles, the root's surface conditions range from hard-packed dirt to softball-sized rocks and everything in between. Every event has a distinct atmosphere and after-party, with everything from craft beer to live music to hand-dipped ice cream.


3. Mohican MTB 100

The Mohican MTB 100 is part of the National Ultra Endurance Series (NUE) and is one of the best endurance mountain bike races and events in the United States! On this legendary ultra-endurance loop in Northeastern Ohio, riders cross three counties in a single loop, climb 10,000 feet, and compete against the best pros. The Mohican 100 offers a 100-mile and 100-kilometer route, as well as seven fully stocked aid stations.


Riding apparel that fits your comfort & safety 

Biking is an elegant sport! The best thing about biking is that it enables bikers to express their standpoints through their varied ways of carrying themselves. In the same way, to ensure their safety, enthusiasts frequently dress stylishly but functionally. This gives them an unmatched level of superiority over other bikers, who are often impressed by those who are more experienced or by those whose apparel or body fit is more expensive.


If you're interested in buying the exact or similar article but are not considering it a wise option to spend so much on your outfit, you can rest easy! With the Pedals app, you can have all those safety apparel and clothing like the right road bike shoes, shorts with a seat pad, and tight-fitting jersey, without worrying about the sky-high costs of buying a brand new one.


The Pedals app is a popular platform that is utilized by a vast user base. When a biker lists their used apparel on our site, we immediately put it up for sale. Potential buyers can then get the same item or article at a fraction of the original cost on pre-owned biking clothing, whether it's a cool jersey with a fancy pattern, a pair of little black bib shorts, or a super-insulated winter jacket that lets you breathe easy even in the cold.


Top locations for biking in Ohio

Although there are a lot of biking trails in Ohio that you can enjoy with your friends and family or in solitude. But even so, the following is a list of some particular places that are excellent for biking:


1) Top location for road bikes


2) Top location for gravel bikes


3) Top location for mountain bikes


If you are a resident or are a visitor in Ohio, you can access any trail experience you could possibly want.  The one piece of advice that is always given when considering Trail Links is to read the reviews.


Getting the appropriate bike accessory from the Pedals app 

Getting the appropriate biking accessory is essential for bikers of all skill levels. This is especially useful if you are just starting out in the biking world and want to know all the essential bike accessories you should get. Or even if you are an experienced biker who is looking for cool add-on biking gadgets to spruce up your bike experience.

Buying brand new bike accessories can be costly for some, but with The Pedals bike selling app, you can find everything you need for your bike, listed by sellers like you on our site, so that others can benefit from the products that serve no use to their pre-owners but still serve as a promising utility. 

From professional gear like an electric derailleur groupset and deep-profile full carbon wheels, to saddlebags, bike lock cassettes, chains, brake pads, and accessories like fenders and bike lights, as well as any other equipment are all available and listed for sale. Our all-in-one platform can even provide you with the necessary bike-packing gear, add-on components, and accessories to meet each of your biking needs.


The Pedals App: Your Dream! Your Bike!

The Pedals app is a recently launched and user-friendly iOS application for buying or selling used bikes and accompanying gear and equipment and is considered the best app to sell bikes in Ohio and among all states in America. Here, we enlist an extensive selection of road, mountain, e-bikes, or any other bike for sale, with the assurance that these bikes will be of the most outstanding caliber and have been posted by legitimate sellers or buyers like you and for you. 


To make all bikes, parts, gear, and equipment accessible to everyone, Pedals works its purpose to centralize everything. As a result, we are regarded as the most practical approach for users towards selling or buying used bikes for sale in Ohio and other states of the nation, which can be a great addition to starting your fitness journey!

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