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Connecticut biking with the Pedals App

Fat tire biking in Connecticut's woods

Almost everywhere in Connecticut, there are bike trails that have been well-maintained and are rated for riders of varying skill levels. Many projects have started and are ongoing toward converting old railroad tracks into bike-friendly rail trails. Some trails run through the countryside and various areas around cities.


If you are a resident of Connecticut, then you surely must be aware of the variety of climates the beautiful state offers. There are so many ways to enjoy biking in Connecticut, whether it's shredding through mountain trails or racing on tracks. The land of steady habits, has an amazing diversity of terrain for riders of all skill levels, from rides along the coast at Bluff Point to grinding uphill for the incredible views from Mohawk Mountain. You can also ride various types of bikes, such as mountain, gravel, and racing, on newly constructed bike trails in Connecticut.


Biking adventures in Connecticut

Connecticut has a small number of trails, but they are among the most beautiful, interesting, and enjoyable in the nation. In particular, for those seeking adventure, Connecticut is regarded as the ideal destination for bikers because of its miles of roads that wind through rolling farmland, trace beautiful coastlines, and meander through charming small towns.


A few of the best bike trails in Connecticut are included below: ( not in any specific order of location, but based on the experience as a whole.)


This pretty trail network overlooks ravines and streams. From the trailhead on Church Street, the Vernon Rails-to-Trails Park offers three trail segments: the Hop River State Park Trail leads to the Manchester/Vernon town line; the Vernon section of the trail leads through thick woods to the Bolton town line; and the Rockville Spur reaches a bridge crossing the Tankerhoosen River

1. Vernon Rails-to-Trails (Hop River State Park Rockville Spur)

This gorgeous trail system provides views of streams and ravines. The Hop River State Park Trail leads to the Manchester/Vernon town line; the Vernon section of the trail travels through dense forest to the Bolton town line; and the Rockville Spur crosses the Tankerhoosen River on a bridge. All three trail segments are accessible from the trailhead on Church Street.

2. Middlebury Greenway

This 4.4-mile asphalt path traverses Middlebury. The trail is hillier than a typical rail trail as it follows the land's contours. If you're using the trail for an out-and-back, head east to west for a simpler descent. The very first section is a local trail. There are two small landscaped parks further west. The trail continues for another two miles to Meadowview Park, alternating between residential areas and wooded areas. You will see Lake Quassapaug and its sandy beach as you get closer to the trail's west end and pass by Quassy Amusement Park. A road leading to a Little League baseball field serves as the trail's terminus.


3. Farmington Canal Heritage Trail

The Farmington Canal Heritage Trail, which runs north of the Yale University campus in New Haven through the center of Connecticut, should be explored if you want to discover more about the southern region of the state. The Farmington Canal Heritage Trail is comprised of several unique rail trail segments that together make up a total of 40 miles. The trail traverses along the path of the former Farmington Canal. Among the segments are the ones for New Haven, Hamden to Cheshire, Southington, and Farmington to the Massachusetts border.

Choose the right bike in Connecticut

Biking in Connecticut is about fun, enthusiastic bikers, including professionals, amateurs, and newcomers, enjoying here to the fullest with the right biking equipment and the necessary apparel. 


The State Parks and Forests of Connecticut offer a wealth of recreational opportunities, including hundreds of miles of road biking trails. This is a contributing factor to everyone's enthusiasm for biking in Connecticut, as evidenced by the ongoing upsurge of bikers from different regions who bring their various advanced and trending bikes with them. This encourages the other bikers around to purchase the same type of bike or even more specialized models.


Such desires among enthusiasts to buy more advanced bikes and associated equipment can occasionally be very expensive to fulfill because importing or buying a high-quality bike and associated gear requires additional effort and monetary outlays.


Even though there are bikes for every budget, there are a few exceptions, such as e-bikes and triathlon bikes, which can be rather expensive. In these cases, you can choose a bike that looks similar but is produced by a different company at a lower cost. However, if their less expensive alternatives don't appeal to you, or if you just don't want to settle for less, there is still a way for you to get a high-quality bike without having to shell out a tonne of money!

Ride better with the Pedals app

The Pedals app allows users to grab amazing deals for the same or slightly different products while choosing from a wide range of used bikes for sale in Connecticut and other states of the nation. The app is a much more accessible approach for people who want a premium bike but do not want to pay much. Thus, with the help of The Pedals app, buying or selling pre-owned basic or exotic bikes, bike parts, and local equipment becomes simple and affordable.


In addition, you will benefit from the best user experience from the Pedals app's soon-to-be-released Android app and our iOS software, which is exclusively available for advertising, searching for, and purchasing used bikes for sale in Connecticut and other states of the nation. 


Best riding apparel for Connecticut

Biking enthusiasts often wear fashionable gear that expresses their enthusiasm and offers helpful functionality. You can always find new collections with practical and stylish products in our Pedals app, as well as pre-owned biking clothing at a fraction of its original cost, whether it's a cool jersey with a fancy pattern, a pair of little black bib shorts, or a super-insulated winter jacket that lets you breathe easy even in the cold.

Top locations to ride on bike in Connecticut

Connecticut is popularly known for its abundance of bike trails. Why shouldn't they be? With so many scenic forests, captivating villages, and abandoned railways, this state is ripe for exploring on a two-wheeled vehicle. There are bike paths that are paved or lined with crushed rock or worn into the dirt, running through cities, sculpture gardens, state parks, and more.


Although there are a lot of biking trails in Connecticut that you can enjoy with your friends and family or in solitude. But even so, the following is a list of some particular places that are excellent for biking:


1) Top location for road bikes


2) Top location for gravel bikes


3) Top location for mountain bikes


Top bike races and events in Connecticut

Break away from the pack at one of Connecticut’s annual biking racesThe Nutmeg State is home to longer, more strenuous races that can cover 100 miles as well as other non-competitive events that tour through picturesque Connecticut.  Explore the state and get involved with the community in these best biking races in Connecticut.

1. Lime Rock Biking Grand Prix, Lakeville, CT

April bike races are coming up, so get your bike ready and aim to win! Numerous race categories are available for the Lime Rock biking Grand Prix, including races for kids (ages 9 to 13), boys and girls (14 to 18), and adults (beginner and professional).


2. CCAP Tuesday Night Criterium Series, East Hartford, CT

Enjoy this family-friendly midweek event that promotes biking among young people. Between May 2 and August 15, these junior and adult races are held every Tuesday. In addition, the CCAP offers childcare for kids ages 5 to 10 whose parents are taking part in the race.

3. Annual CCNS Kermis sponsored by CCAP, East Hartford, CT

Join the CCNS Kermis race, which takes place at Rentschler Field every May to inspire kids and adults to engage in lifelong fitness. Check out their website for more details!

4. CCAP Summer Road Series, Storrs, CT

This annual event features a variety of races for charitable causes as well as enjoyable family-friendly events and activities.

5. The Tour, Litchfield Hills, CT

This non-competitive bike race offers distances of 12, 30, 55, and 100 miles through Litchfield County's undulating hills. August is a great month to go biking and explore this stunning region of the state. The objective of this tour is to raise money for charity in addition to having the opportunity to explore the lovely countryside.

Choose the right bike accessory for Connecticut

Thousands of bikers participate in such (above-mentioned) events and many others, throughout the year. Whether you're participating or practicing for any upcoming race event, hitting the trails for a mountain bike camping trip, riding your e-bike to work, or for any way you utilize your bike, having the right tools and accessories can make biking more convenient and fun.


Concerned about where to find such accessories and equipment at affordable prices for your and your child’s safety? Don’t worry! You can find all the necessary biking tools in the Pedals app to ensure your safety and the safety of your riding companion, from professional gear like an electric derailleur groupset and deep-profile full carbon wheels, including cassettes, chains, brake pads, and extras like fenders and lighting. Our all-in-one platform can even provide you with the necessary bike-packing gear, add-on components, and accessories to meet the complete needs of every biking enthusiast. 


Find used bikes and cycling gear in Connecticut

The Pedals app is a recently released, helpful iOS app for buying or selling used bikes and related equipment. Here, you get an extensive selection of road, mountain, and E-bikes that can be purchased with the confidence that they will be of the highest caliber and have been offered by verified sellers. 


Pedals app understands how important it is to use durable and top-quality equipment for biking and provides the same. The Pedals app has centralized everything to make all biking, parts, gear, and equipment accessible. We are the most practical approach for users towards selling or buying used bikes for sale in Connecticut and other states of the nation, which can be a great addition to starting your fitness journey!


So, pack your stuff and get ready for a biking adventure!

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