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The most popular biking trails to be explored in New Mexico

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Biking in Mexico can be a great way to explore the country and experience its diverse landscape, culture, and natural beauty, all of which contribute towards making it an ideal destination for biking enthusiasts. From easy, scenic routes to challenging, jumping trails, Mexico is a great destination for bikers of all levels.


Mexico is becoming a popular destination for urban biking, because of the state's hefty investments in bike lanes and infrastructure in recent years, making it safer and more convenient for bikers to get around and explore the city on two wheels. So, whether you're a road biking enthusiast or any other adventure sport lover, Mexico has something to offer everyone. 


Whether on asphalt or mountain trails, riding on two wheels is one of the best ways to explore, New Mexico. The Land of Enchantment is known for its sweeping plains, studded buttes, and towering peaks. All of these can be explored on a bike if you know where to go.

Exciting biking trails in New Mexico (based on their difficulty level)


Easy: High Road to Taos 

The High Road to Taos is one of the most popular scenic drives in the state, passing by 18th-century Spanish villages, with beautiful churches and housing local artisans. Once you make it past Highway 84/285 you will be on rural back roads with little traffic, but be careful on this stretch of the highway, as it is busy. You will pass by the Rio Nambe, with big cottonwood trees and high desert plateaus, apple orchards, views of Truchas Peak and the Wheeler Peak Wilderness, and churches galore. This is a one-way route, so set up a shuttle. Twin Hearts Express, located in Taos, will drop off or pick up in either city at any area lodging and runs every two hours - give them a call to set something up.


Moderate: Rio Grande West Rim Trail

Ride the newly paved Rio Grande West Rim Trail and take in the spectacular views of the river's deep gorge below. This ride can be completed as a one-way or an out-and-back, but because it is only 9 miles long, it is usually completed as an out-and-back. The road is very flat and easy to ride, allowing you to fully appreciate the scenery. You can park on either side of the Rio Grande Gorge bridge, but parking on the east side allows you to ride over the gorge, which is an exciting experience in and of itself.


Hard: Gila Cliff Dwellings

NM 15 runs through the heart of the Gila Wilderness. This route, which is part of the Tour of the Gila's Gila Monster stage, begins at the Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument and takes you on an out-and-back of the Gila Inner Loop Scenic Byway. You'll ride alongside the Gila River, taking in the scenery as you climb up and above it. Along the way, you'll see hot springs, wildflower meadows, and sandstone rock cliffs. This road has some moderate climbing as well as some enjoyable and refreshing descents in both directions. When you return, stay at one of the free campgrounds and visit the Gila Cliff Dwellings or a nearby hot spring.


The list continuous to various other beautiful trails that New Mexico is blessed to have, including:  

Get ready for a biking adventure in New Mexico

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Riding apparel that fits your comfort & safety 

Cycling is a sport that allows you express yourself! At the same time, cyclists care about function and safety when it comes to dressing for a ride. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned weekend warrior, specific cycling apparel brands offer a wide array of clothes for every type of cyclist. 


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Top Scenic bike riding locations in New Mexico ( In-accordance with your varied bike types )

Although there are a lot of biking trails in New Mexico that you can enjoy with your friends and family. But even so, Here is a list of some specific locations that are great for biking:


1) Top location for road bikes-


2) Top location for gravel bikes-


3) Top location for mountain bikes-


Top 3 bike races from different biking disciplines, organized in New Mexico 

1. Mountain Bike Race: 6 Hours in the Basin for Commonwealth 


Commonwealth 6 Hours in the Basin" 2023 is a fast and exciting mountain bike adventure for individuals or groups! The proceeds from this race, as well as others hosted by the Core Crew,  benefit the Commonweal Conservancy to help expand and maintain the Galisteo Basin Trail System. The Galisteo Basin Trail System is still being developed, with several additional miles planned. 


2. Road Bike Race: Tour of the Gila 


The Tour of the Gila is widely regarded as New Mexico's most prestigious road biking competition for both men and women. Southwest New Mexico plays host to one of the most challenging and prestigious stage events in all of North America. The race lasts for five days.


3. Gravel Bike Race: Sante Fe Century 


The Santa Fe Century is the legendary journey that inspired the name of the event. It's designed for both novice riders and those who have spent time getting into racing shape. The riders are looking at the challenge as a test of not only their endurance but also their ability to conquer steep inclines. It's not just an uphill battle mentally, but a physically demanding one as well. As the entire route will be open to cars, riders must adhere to all traffic regulations at all times.


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