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Biking in Georgia with help from the Pedals app

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Georgia is one of the best states in the South for biking. This state has a large network of paved bike trails that are always being added to and improved. Georgia's bike trails take you from the city to nature. Alaska has great cycling routes due to its stunning scenery and long daylight hours. Riding on weekdays and in the morning or evening will help you avoid traffic even more.


Why is Georgia an excellent place for bikers?

The 2022 Bicycle Friendly State Ranking Report ranks Georgia 24th for bikers. Georgia has wildlife-rich urban, rural, and coastal rides. The trails are full of tasty food and friendly shops. Connecting trails across Georgia creates a bike path network. This network lets bikers choose when, where, and how far to ride.

Georgia's diverse terrain, which ranges from the mountains to the coast, makes it easy to find endlessly interesting places to cycle.. More and more safe bike trails, like boardwalks, trails, and paved paths, are also being built in many communities. It's easy to find places to get out on two wheels anywhere in the state, from family-friendly trails on Jekyll Island to advanced trails perfect for mountain bike adventures in the Blue Ridge

Below are some of our favorite trails.



Try out this 61.577-mile round-trip trail near Smyrna, Georgia. This route isn't too hard or too easy. On average, it takes 19 hours and 52 minutes to finish. The trail is open all year and is a beautiful place to visit‌.


Rockdale River PATH Trail

The 18.33-mile out-and-back trail runs close to Conyers, Georgia. This route is moderately difficult and usually takes 7 hours to finish. It goes through Rockdale County, which is just southeast of the Atlanta metro area and has beautiful natural scenery. The path is hilly and windy, and it goes through dense forests, rock outcroppings, and wetland areas. It also crosses many creeks.


Atlanta Beltline Trail

Along 22 miles of abandoned railroad tracks, the Atlanta BeltLine, a magnificent park, circles the city's central business districts. The Atlanta BeltLine connects people to neighborhoods, dining, and cool places throughout the city, with everything from trails and walkways to open green spaces and parks.

Make a day of it by exploring one of BeltLine's trail sections and adjacent parks. The list also includes several other beautiful trails that Georgia is fortunate to have.

Bicycle friendly communities in Georgia

For bikers who ride for fun, for competition, for touring, or just for commuting, Georgia offers a wide range of experiences. Since the League of American Bicyclists started the Bicycle League staff has handled the Friendly Community program in 1995, over 1,500 community applications. At the moment, there are 488 communities that are known to be bike-friendly, and more to come. There are 12 bronze-level bike-friendly communities in Georgia. 

1. Roswell

2. Tybee Island

3. Athens-Clarke County

4. Decatur

5. Columbus

6. Jekyll Island

7. Savannah

8. Alpharetta

9. Peachtree City

10. Atlanta 

11. Carrollton

12. Milledgeville


Get ready for a biking adventure

Anyone who calls Georgia home can attest to the state's abundance of trail and greenway advocacy groups, as well as recreational riding and mountain bike clubs. With all the riding choices, it’s wise to choose the best cycling terrain that matches your bike type and comfort level.Consult the Pedals app to speak with local cyclists who can point you in the right direction for the best cycling areas, gear and bikes. 

Georgia's temperate climate and varied topography make it a popular destination for cyclists from all over the country. As a cyclist gets better at riding, they might decide to buy a newer, faster, and lighter bike. Improving as a cyclist often involves purchasing new gear and bicycles.


As a result, more and more cyclists are upgrading to better bikes and gear. But it can be easy to get what you want because importing or buying high-tech bikes like triathlon bikes and e-bikes can be expensive at times. Don’t  fret if you're interested in purchasing a bicycle but fear you won't be able to afford it due to budget constraints. The Pedals app makes it possible for folks who may not otherwise be willing to buy a bike that's still in your financial means. 


Download the Pedals app 

The Pedals app allows users to grab amazing deals for the same or slightly different bike or related product while choosing from a wide range of used bikes for sale Georgia. If you're looking for a high-end bike but have a limited budget, this app is a great option. The Pedals app makes it easy to purchase and sell used bikes (both standard and specialty), bike components, and local gear. Your search for a place to purchase a second hand bicycle in Georgia begins and ends with Pedals. Buy used bikes in Georgia on the Pedals app.


The Pedals IOS app, which lets you buy, sell, and browse for used bikes for sale in Georgia and throughout the country, also provides a top-notch user experience. Therefore, the Pedals app makes it possible for those who may not otherwise be able to afford a high-end bicycle to have the bike of their dreams without going into debt..


Best bike riding apparel in Georgia

Biking enthusiasts often wear fashionable gear that expresses their enthusiasm and offers helpful functionality. You can always find new collections with practical and stylish products in our Pedals app, as well as pre-owned biking clothing at a fraction of its original cost. Whether it's a cool jersey with a fancy pattern, a pair of black bib shorts, or an insulated winter jacket that keeps you comfortable and warm.


Pedals is an iOS app that allows users to purchase, sell, and browse for used bicycles and gear in Georgia and around the United States. This means that those who would not otherwise be able to buy a high-end bicycle will be able to get their hands on the bike of their dreams thanks to the Pedals app.


Where to ride bikes in Georgia

Georgia is home to a plethora of scenic bike routes that may be enjoyed by cyclists of all ages and abilities. Nonetheless, here are a few recommendations for great bike destinations:


1) Top location for road bikes


2) Top location for gravel bikes


3) Top location for mountain bikes-


So these were the top locations for bike rides in Georgia. You can choose according to your plan and enjoy the adventurous journey. 


Top biking events in Georgia


Athens Twilight Criterium

The Twilight Series is an annual road biking competition that has taken place in Athens since the 1980s. A variety of competitive events are held throughout the month. Events include BMX racing and trick contests, a Kids' criterium, a mountain bike or 'Fat Tire' criterium, and the weekend's finale event, the Twilight criterium. The weekend event includes amateur and professional races, each with its own set of rewards.


Bartram Red Loop 

The Bartram Red Loop is a fantastic path that offers 10.4 miles of excellent riding. If you ride the loop counter-clockwise you will continue on the gravel road until you see the first waypoint marker on your left. The John Muir Path, a historic forest road that has grown over into wide singletrack in most portions, begins the trail with a 1.0-mile gentle ascent. When riding the circle clockwise, the first 0.4 miles of downhill are pure joy, with flowing curves and even a few jumps thrown in. Finishing on the incredibly fast John Muir Trail is the icing on the cake of a fantastic ride in that direction.


Georgia Gravel Grinduro 

This event will take the best hills and scenery in North Georgia and challenge bikers to push their limits in human performance. The Grinduro is not suitable for inexperienced bikers. Even the Radical, the event award is a high-level race that will take most riders 5-6 hours to accomplish. This race will force you to leave your comfort zone and put your physical limits and equipment to the ultimate test. The Scramble distance will be ideal for the first-time gravel racer. The Scramble will still contain more than 60% gravel/dirt/clay roads and more than 5.500 feet of elevation gain, so even the shortest race will be a challenge.


Your guide to choosing the right bike accessessory

All road bike models and integrated bike accessories should be designed in the finest build possible to maximize speed and minimize weight and to provide you with the utmost utility from your bike. The Pedals bike selling app Georgia can help you find everything you need for your bike, from professional gear like an electric derailleur groupset and deep-profile full carbon wheels to great entry-level gear, cassettes, chains, and extras like fenders and lighting. All of this is available at significantly low prices compared to buying a brand-new one.


Laws and Regulations

In Georgia, as in the majority of states, a bicycle is regarded as a "vehicle" for legal purposes. This classification means that operating a bicycle is governed by the same traffic laws as other vehicles. As a result, a biker must adhere to an additional security framework that includes donning protective gear and a helmet. Even in bike lanes, bikers must ride in the same direction as the flow of traffic and must ride as close to the right of the road as is practical and safe. This rule applies to both amateur and professional bikers.


One thing here to understand is that safety is an essential aspect while biking. For your and your riding buddy's safety, you can discover the necessary tools in the Pedals app, including helmets, safety gear, padded biking shorts, and any biking-related accessories. As far as bikes are concerned, You can find numerous bikes on the Pedals app, including general cross-country, trail, mountain, enduro, and gravel bikes along with their related equipment. Our all-in-one platform can even provide you with the necessary bike-packing gear, add-on components, and accessories to meet the needs of any enthusiast of bikes.


Find your dream bike

Pedalsapp is a newly launched iOS application that enables users to buy or sell pre-owned bicycles and related gear. Road, mountain, and e-bikes from legitimate sellers are available on the app. The Pedals app centralizes bicycles, parts, gear, and equipment making it the most practical way for users in Georgia looking to purchase or sell used bicycles. Find used bicycles for sale in Georgia on the Pedals app.With its easy-to-use platform, Pedalsapp is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to embark on their biking journey.

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