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Buy and sell pre-owned and refurbished, bikes, parts and equipment locally.

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The earliest memories of cycling started with Big Wheels. It was not necessarily a bike, but it had pedals and offered the freedom to get outside and have fun. I was probably 10 years old. I can't remember what I rode after that, but my first real bike was a red Schwinn 10 speed my dad bought for me in middle school. Any child who learns to ride a bike at a young age understands that bikes open up the world to explore and tread where your mother warns you not to go!
Fast forward decades later, I had to buy my twin daughters' bikes, and frankly, the process sucked. For weeks, I spent hours looking for used bikes, and refurbished bikes online and in my area. I found some pre-owned bikes slightly too far to drive and test ride.
I jumped from site to site to site, searching for quality used bikes. I saw a lot out there, but the process was exhausting. I ended up buying new bikes for convenience. However, I was disappointed that I couldn't find used bikes locally. 
The process of buying bikes needed to be streamlined and Pedals was born. I teamed up with friend whose husband is a road cyclist and experienced in buying and selling used mountain bikes, pre-owned cycling gear and used mountain bike clothing.
The vision for Pedals is to organize the world's used and new (in the future) bikes, clothing, parts, and gear making them accessible to everyone.

We also want to offer ways for you to enjoy riding bikes with friends and with bike groups near you. Our blog is just one way you'll learn about Pedals and biking.
Need to sell some stuff? Our how it works will help get you started.
As we say, "grab life by the handlebars" and get out there and ride. 

With love,
The Pedals peloton

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