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The most popular biking trails in Delaware


Due to the vast network of trails that crisscross the state, the several breathtaking state parks that can be explored on a bike ride, and the endless stretches of pristine Atlantic coastline that are perfect for cycle touring, Delaware is without a doubt one of the best states for bicycling.


Cycling in Delaware is truly unique and picturesque. Delaware's landscape is diverse, with rolling hills, lush forests, and scenic coastal routes. If you're new to Delaware, you're probably excited to get out on some of the state's most popular biking trails. The state has a diverse trail system that accommodates riders of all skill levels and terrain. So, whether you're a seasoned cyclist or just starting out, Delaware has a trail for you.

Delaware's trails from easy to difficult

1. Gordons Pond Trail - Easy

Explore this out-and-back route that is 6.4 miles long and is located close to Lewes, Delaware. It is a route that is often regarded as straightforward, and it can be finished in around 1.5 hours. Due to the popularity of bird watching, hiking, and road riding in this region, it is possible that you will run into other people while out exploring. The hiking trail is open all year. Dogs are permitted, but must be kept on a leash at all times.


2. Northern Delaware Greenway - Intermediate

The Northern Delaware Greenway is a multi-use trail that spans 10 miles through New Castle County in Delaware, connecting Wilmington to the town of New Castle. It is open to pedestrians, cyclists, and other non-motorized users, and is mostly flat and well-maintained. Along the way, riders can enjoy views of the Delaware River and historic sites, as well as parks and recreational areas. It is a great way to explore the natural beauty and rich history of the region while getting some exercise and fresh air.


3. White Clay Creek- Difficult

Like Flying! The path is very Quick! It links to Judge Morris and the Maryland trail network. Ride for up to four hours over fast, undulating terrain with challenging descents. While there is a "difficult" section with man made obstacles, bridges, and skinnies, the trail network is mostly focused on flow. Surprisingly, the 30-mile course has a significant amount of elevation variation. This provides a nice aerobic exercise, but an even better chance to shred at high speed with several strategically placed bumps to truly catch air. The track consists of three distinct loops, including a skills trail and a corkscrew circuit which are very difficult for even the most accomplished riders.


In addition to the trails already mentioned, which are listed according to their degree of difficulty, here are a few more of Tennessee's top biking routes and trails to check out:


4. Junction and Breakwater Trail

This 8-mile trail is located near Rehoboth Beach and features a crushed-stone surface that winds through wooded areas and wetlands. The trail also offers a variety of lookout points where you can enjoy views of the Indian River Bay. The trail is perfect for those looking for a leisurely ride, as well as for more experienced cyclists looking for a challenge.


5.  Cape Henlopen State Park

This is a scenic coastal ride, and a must-visit. The park offers several miles of bike trails that take you through a variety of habitats, including dunes, marshes, and forests. The park also offers great views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Delaware Bay. This trail is perfect for those who want to experience the natural beauty of the coast while getting some exercise.

For Bikers, Delaware Is a Mecca

No matter which trail you choose, biking in Delaware is an experience you'll never forget. With its beautiful scenery and variety of trails, Delaware is a great destination for cyclists of all levels. Whether you're looking for a leisurely ride or a challenging workout, there's a trail in Delaware that's perfect for you. So pack your stuff, get your bike ready, grab your helmet, and head out to explore the scenic trails of Delaware!



Best bikes to ride in Delaware

The type of bike that is best for riding in Delaware depends on the type of riding you plan to do. Road bikes are designed for speed and efficiency, while hybrid bikes are for versatility. Mountain bikes are for off-road riding, and electric bikes are for those who need extra assistance. Factors such as riding style, fitness level, and terrain should be taken into account when choosing a bike to ride in Delaware. 


Affordable bikes to ride in Delaware

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Riding apparel that fits your comfort & safety

The Pedals app is a great place to find high-quality pre-owned biking clothing. Biking clothing can be expensive, especially when you're looking for techincal performance gear. By buying pre-owned clothing on Pedals, you can save money without sacrificing quality. You can find a wide variety of biking clothing on the app, including jerseys, shorts, gloves, and jackets and of course bikes. Many of the clothing items available on Pedals are from high-end brands that are slightly used. Clothing on the map is made from technical fabrics that provide breathability, moisture-wicking, and UV protection features. Additionally, look for items with features such as reflective detailing and zippered pockets, which can come in handy during your ride. Remember to check the condition of the product before buying, and communicate with the seller for any questions. With a little bit of research and patience, you can find great deals on high-quality biking clothing on Pedals.


Top locations to ride by bike in Delaware

There are a lot of cycling trails in Delaware to enjoy with your friends and family, offering a range of experiences. Here are more places to ride in Delaware by bike type.


1) Top location for road bikes:


2) Top location for gravel bikes:


3) Top location for mountain bikes:

Popular bike events and races


Wilmington Grand Prix 

The Wilmington Grand Prix is recognized as the most prestigious criterium-style cycling event held in the state of Delaware. The competition is included on the National Race Calendar maintained by USA Cycling. A quick word about the competition: a criterium is a kind of bicycle race that consists of a predetermined amount of laps and is run on a closed track on public roads. The competitive racers like the Wilmington Grand Prix because of the challenging nature of the course and the passionate audiences who welcome them.


Broad Creek Bike & Brew

The Broad Creek Bike and Beer Tour includes local microbreweries, live music, and barbecue chicken. This relaxing ride through gorgeous byways and along historic rivers is what makes Delaware's cycling culture so distinctive. The Laurel Heritage Museum, The Cook House, Historic Bethel, Bethel Museum, and Old Christ Church are just a few of the historic attractions in the area. Enjoy notable rivers such as the Chesapeake Watershed, the Nanticoke River Trail, Mason Dixon in Delmar, and the Historic and Scenic Sussex County Byway. Obviously, the journey would not be complete without a visit to Trap Pond State Park, our genuine jewel.


The Savage Century

The White Clay Bicycle Club puts on the Savage Century ride every year. It is one of the most beautiful, difficult, and well-known rides in the mid-Atlantic area. Choose from 40, 60, 75 or 100 miles. The 40-mile and 60-mile loops have a few shorter climbs, but the 75-mile and 100-mile loops have the biggest hills. Many people have enjoyed the challenge of the Savage as a "rite of passage," while others come back every year just to enjoy the natural beauty of Chester and Lancaster Counties. As you head west from Newark, DE toward Nottingham, PA, you can warm up on the rolling hills. Then head for the hills and test your training on the famous Bald Eagle Hill, Fishing Creek Hill, and Duck Hill!


If you are planning to participate in any of these events, The Pedals app has all of the necessary equipment to assist you in your biking journey.


Find used bikes and gear in Delaware on the Pedals app

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