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New and Used Cycling Jersey (Complete Guide to Buy and Sell)

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

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black amateur cyclist

Photo by Convantnyc from Pixabay

Why you need a bike jersey?

Cycling jerseys are technical clothing designed to keep you dry, cool, and comfortable no matter what the weather or activity. A good jersey is made of breathable fabric that will keep you comfortable in all weather conditions. Quality cycling jerseys will move sweat away from your skin and to the outside of the fabric, where it can evaporate without affecting your core temperature.

Jersey essentials


For your own safety as a cyclist, you must be visible on the road. If cars can't see you, you're in danger, so get a jersey that stands out. Lime green, bright oranges, and reds are fantastic selections, and brightly patterned jerseys will help you stand out from the background.


A cycling-specific jersey is typically tailored for a tight fit, which is so important when riding outdoors. The majority of your work is spent fighting the wind from the front, which means a headwind creates lots of air resistance. A T-shirt with an extremely loose fit behaves like a large sail, slowing you down, making you pedal harder to keep your momentum and speed up. Reducing air friction is important if you think it’s important. For casual rides under 15 mph tees and loose fitting jerseys will do just fine.

If you're cycling to stay fit or in an intermediate or advanced riding group, a tight jersey is the only option to reduce drag. Look for “race” or “pro” cut in the description to confirm a snug fit. You’ll know it’s a pro cut when wrinkles are non-existent and the jersey has a contour fit.

Aside from the tight fit, pro-style jerseys have an elastic “rubbery” waistband to prevent sliding up over the hips. The waistband keeps the jersey in place when climbing and changing positions on your bike.


On the back of most jerseys, there are three pockets. This is the best place to keep your pump, phone, snacks, jacket, and tools. It's amazing what you can get into these three pockets if you try hard enough. Be wary of women's jerseys that have princess seams but no pockets, because those pockets are worth a lot.

Long, curved seams called princess seams are sewed into women's blouses and shirts to provide more shaping or a more custom fit.

three pockets on back of cycling jersey

This is my used cycling jersey I bought on Ebay. It's a small pro cut that fits me perfectly.


Zippers make jerseys easy to put on and take off. Jerseys with a pro cut made for any season will always have zippers for a secure fit. Zippers also provide ventilation on hot summer days or during climbs or any other time the body needs cooling down. Zippers are sewn to be hidden so the jersey looks seamless and won’t compromise the ornate designs some jerseys have. If you prefer a casual jersey, most of these won’t have a zipper.

Jerseys with zippers are really comfortable, and I probably wouldn’t buy one without one. I like the fit feeling it gives and it puts me in “riding mode” when I put it on.

Another advantage is that you never have to remove your helmet if you wear bib shorts if you need to cool down. Just unzip and relax.

zipper cover on cycling jersey

Zipper cover


Cycling jerseys are designed to conform to the rider's body, and silicon grippers keep the jersey in place. A silicon line wraps around the bottom of the sleeves and the bottom of the jersey. For better aerodynamics, pro and club sleeves are longer than the average t-shirt.

Silicone grippers on a cycling jersey's sleeves are a nice touch because they keep the sleeves in place and make the jersey more comfortable.

gripper on cycling jersey

Gripper to keep the jersey from bunching up.

Other essentials

Putting on layers is the key to cycling in all kinds of weather. For summer, you’ll want to wear a light jersey with a thin base layer underneath. Lightweight jerseys are designed for ventilation to cool and keep you dry. Living in the Midwest, summer temperatures vary and layering on the clothes keeps you comfortable, so don’t be afraid to wear a long sleeve jersey or light coat in the morning for comfort. For winter, wear wool base layers with a thermal jersey under a warm jacket.

Ventilation is usually under the arms and on the sides of the shirt. Brands are always experimenting with “wicking” technology and locations to keep you comfortable. Mesh fabric is a common choice in jerseys. A good rule of thumb is, more mesh, more comfort.

UV protection and anti-bacteria prevention

Cycling is an outdoor sport, and sun protection should be top of mind. Some jerseys are made from UV protective fabrics, helping you stay out longer while riding. If you buy new, you’ll spend a bit more. If you buy a used cycling jersey, affordable options are waiting if you know where to shop.

Everyone who rides a bike sweats, regardless of how fit or experienced they are. Regular sweating without proper cleaning can cause bacteria to grow on your cycling jersey, exacerbating odors. Some high-quality cycling jerseys have antibacterial properties that inhibit the growth of bacteria and keep the jersey smelling fresh.


As with most things, the devil is in the details when it comes to cycling jerseys and other quality clothing. The construction and stitching of a quality cycling jersey will be impeccable. The stitching on club and pro-fit jerseys must be strong because they stretch. Keep in mind that buying quality jerseys will last a long time and as you know, you get what you pay for.

Jersey types

Road Bike

Road bike jerseys run short in the front and long in the back to accommodate an arched back in the drop bar position. The front might feel a little too short, but that's so you don't have to deal with extra fabric when you're bent over the handlebars.

Think about the kind of riding you'll be doing when choosing your jersey. If you're going on a ride with other people and stopping for coffee, a looser fit may make you feel less self-conscious. If you want to race, a tight aero-fit could give you an edge.

Depending on the weather, you can choose to wear long sleeves or short sleeves. Short-sleeved jerseys are more versatile because you add arm warmers which great for the morning then remove after the day warms up.

Mountain bike

The best mountain bike jerseys are often mistaken for expensive t-shirts. On the surface, they're not completely wrong, but MTB-specific details like seams that work well with riding packs and built-in ventilation set them apart.

Mountain bike jerseys are available in a variety of designs, from form-fitting cross-country (XC) jerseys to bulkier long-sleeved downhill jerseys. Most brands have a wide range of styles and colors, so you should be able to find one that fits your style. Online stores sell the best brands at reasonable prices, and last year's inventory is also discounted. Checkout used mountain bike apparel for additional discounts.

white mountain bike jersey

Mountain cyclist jersey

Gravel bike

The popularity of gravel biking introduced specific clothing for the sport. Gravel bike gear fits between road biking and mountain biking kits. You can wear anything from slightly looser and more rugged spandex to looser shorts and tops that still fit a bit better than mountain bike clothes.

It’s worth exploring all the options to find what works best for you. Don't worry if you come home covered in mud, because most riding gear is easy to clean.

Casual riding

As long as you're not going very far, you can cycle in stylish shirts, t-shirts, jackets, pants, and shoes. It does, however, have to work. Wear something that has reflective elements, extra padding, or stretches. Weatherproofing isn't always a priority with casual riding gear, but if it rains regularly, choose gear that fits your riding conditions.

Buy used cycling jerseys

Buying used cycling jerseys and other cycling gear on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and other secondhand retailers does not always receive the respect and recognition it deserves. We believe this is because buyers new to cycling don’t always have the right information on what to look for as sellers unintentionally omit essential information buyers need to make informed decisions. A used cycling jersey for sale offers additional savings that’s hard to find sold online and in retail stores. So we're here to set the record straight and dispel some myths of buying used clothing.

coureur used cycling jersey bought on ebay

My first jersey bought used from Ebay. I love it!

Used clothing misconceptions

Used clothing is out of date

This one is at the top of the list because we hear it so frequently. While it is true that some sites sell older items, we see this as one of the advantages of purchasing used because you find the same items that everyone else is looking for. Instead, you'll find one-of-a-kind items, vintage items, and even the most recent jersey designs and technology. It's not uncommon to find new items with tags selling for less than the suggested retail price.

You won’t save money

Is one of the big advantages of shopping secondhand. You’ll find jerseys at any budget, type and brand. If you buy used and want to resell the jersey later, buy quality. Search Ebay cycling jersey to find a wide range of shirts. Facebook marketplace, Craigslist and the Pros Closet are other sites to find used jerseys.

At Pedals, we endorse brands that offer customers real savings. Maap cycling sale and the Eliel warehouse sale hold yearly events with material discounts on new jerseys.

You won’t find quality

Finding the unexpected is one of the best things about secondhand clothing. Finding the right jersey brand makes the search worthwhile. If you come across an unfamiliar brand, take a minute to learn about it as you might discover a hidden gem.

Shopping Second Hand is Unhygienic

Some people don't like secondhand clothes because they're used. New clothes come from factories and are handled by many people before reaching us. Even though we should always wash ourselves, there is a good chance that secondhand clothes have already been washed by their previous owner.

You Can’t Be Stylish

Due to the increasing popularity of cycling, being fashionable is another reason to take up the sport. You can be as casual as you like, but if you want to upgrade your wardrobe, you won't be disappointed by the selection of vintage jerseys and the newest fashions. Those jerseys are waiting to be discovered if you desire a wardrobe with a few quirky and entertaining pieces. You might discover something that catches the eye and prompts people to ask, "Where did you get that?"

People getting into cycling need jerseys and most don't want pay full price so consider selling your used jersey on Pedal's app. The Pedals mobile application is a platform where users can sell and buy used bikes, and parts, apparel, & equipment locally.

The types of bike jerseys


A basic jersey is a wonderful place to start if you're new to cycling or searching for an entry-level jersey. Basic jerseys are not overly tight and allow for good ventilation. Basic jerseys are the most economical and come in a variety of styles. These jerseys are also suitable for biking in hot and humid conditions. On used mobility market places like Pedals you’ll find a variety of basic jerseys for sale.


A waterproof or water-repellent bicycle shirt can only withstand so much rain before leaking. The seams are particularly vulnerable. As a result, taped seams are found on more expensive and better waterproof bicycle apparel.


A good summer cycling jersey can make a big difference in how comfortable and confident you feel on your bike, and there are a lot of options out there, with something for most tastes and budgets.

These cycling jerseys have the advantages of being exceptionally lightweight, breezy, and breathable. Some are so light sunscreen may need to be applied to prevent sunburn.

If planning for a ride with a cool descent or venturing into the mountains, pack a windbreaker or a long sleeve shirt to keep you comfortably warm.


Race jerseys made to go fast. Tight fitting constructed from slippery material to slice through with wind. These are must if your goal is speed plus distance.

Aero cycling clothing isn't for everyone, and some people prefer something more roomy. But, if you want to maximize your cycling efforts, choose aerodynamic clothing.

Base Layers

You've probably seen base layers on cycling apparel websites but never considered buying one because you weren't sure when or why to use one. Base layers act as undershirts, with a technical purpose to keep you warm and cool. Base layers can be worn all year around for all weather conditions and when racing, training or trail riding.

Base layers keep you warm by trapping air next to your body and wicking sweat away from your skin.

A cycling base layer forms the bottom of a multi-layer clothing system designed to manage inside-outside temperature differences.

Warm base layers

Base layers for winter or cold weather are usually made fabrics like Dryarn®, or from marina wool which is very stretchy and light. Fabrics like Dryarn are known for having a low coefficient of heat dissipation. This means that they don't let your body heat escape unnecessarily and allow your sweat to evaporate quickly to get rid of excess heat. In cold weather, keeping the skin dry is the best way to stay warm and avoid getting hypothermia.

When you want to stay warm and bike, check out our guide on indoor bike training.

blue merino wool base layer shirt

Bought this merino wool base layer to ride in 40-60 degree weather in the Midwest. I couldn't find a used one online so I bought it at the Rapha store.

Cool base layers

Mesh base layers for summer or hot weather are often sleeveless and constructed of mesh. Base layers will gather odor if not washed, thus they should be washed and line dried to keep their wicking ability.

Baselayer care

Cycling clothing should be washed by hand with gentle detergents or machine washed on delicate and hung to dry. Drying cycle clothing weakens or removes protective coatings and takes away the performance qualities you paid for in technical textiles, so don’t do it! Fabric softeners should never be used as they “clog” or reduce the clothing's wicking qualities.

Jersey fabrics


Excellent for wicking sweat away. However, because of the production process, the quality can vary greatly, thus not all polyester is the same.


Nylon fibers are softer, warmer, and more durable than polyester fibers, but they cost more..

Lycra (Elastane)

Lycra is a great garment fabric for temperatures above 55°F. It quickly loses heat, wicks moisture out, and evaporates it. As long as the temperature isn't too high, it's excellent in the rain. Because moisture evaporates fast, you'll be dry as soon as the rain stops. When it's cold outside, especially if it's raining, L lycra isn't a good choice. However, it is a wonderful alternative for wearing as a base layer in cool to cold temperatures.

Merino wool

Wool, especially Merino wool, is difficult to beat. It's partially hydrophilic, which means it can keep you cool by wicking sweat away from your skin while still keeping you warm when wet. It's light and silky, with natural mild antibacterial and antifungal characteristics to keep odors at bay. Merino wool and other natural fibers over synthetic fabrics undoubtedly cost more. However, buying quality jerseys will last for years.

Recycled Fabrics

Elastane adds stretchiness and returns it to its original shape after repeated uses. It is also moisture-wicking and retains heat, keeping you warm.

How to buy a bike jersey?

Know your size

Jerseys are available in sizes ranging from XS to 1XL+. To get a good sense of the fit, check the reviews for the brands you're interested in. Customers, as you may know, are rather truthful, and die-hard cyclists will tell you exactly how they feel about jerseys. Reviews will tell you if it runs small or large, tight or loose.

Pick up a body measuring tape with millimeters and inches if you want precise measurements for a flawless fit. If you need it urgently, you can find it at your local fabric or craft store.

To acquire the correct size, measure from armpit to armpit. Savvy sellers will have the chest measurement, but most won't, so ask the seller if you find a jersey you like.

Jerseys are made for all genders and ages. Search bike jersey women or men for a wider set of results. Search Ebay cycling jersey or Facebook cycling jersey then add filters to find the jersey right for you.

Set an intention

Seasoned cyclists know what brands fit them well. If you’re new to cycling and buying jerseys for the first time, like me, use Instagram to see what brands cyclists are wearing. Find a brand you like and search for a used one before buying a new one. To make your search efficient and successful, set an intention to say, “I love finding jerseys that fit me perfectly, make me look great, and are exactly what I want to pay.” Then let the universe do its job. You’ll probably be surprised at what the universe delivers!

Explore used before buying new

When considering buying used, buy quality so you can resell it later. Also, because buyers will be looking for name brand clothing, buy the nicest jersey within your budget. Quality jerseys retain their value, so you'll make more money when you sell them.

Buy for the weather

When it comes to bicycle clothing (kit), the possibilities are limitless. Shopping for the weather narrows your search and saves you time. For fall cycling gear and winter riding, start with a warm undershirt, followed by a long-sleeve jersey and, if necessary, a bicycle jacket. In the summer, use the same strategy with short and long sleeve jerseys made for hot days. Long sleeve summer jerseys eliminate the need for sunscreen-if not too thin. Look for light-weight jerseys as another way brands classify summer jerseys.

Warm gear makes riding comfortable when the temperature drops, and to make riding more enjoyable at night see our blog post on bike lights.

Be open to something new

When looking for new or used jerseys, you may come across a brand you've never heard of before. Go for it if the reviews are reliable and the fit, quality, and price are reasonable. If you try it on at home or take it for a ride and it does not perform as expected, return it. When purchasing jerseys from China, use caution because you get what you pay for. However, if it's something you're interested in, go for it.

Keep in mind if you want to resell it, there are lots of cheap jerseys online so write a good description and take detailed pictures to make it stand out from the cheapies. Otherwise, it will be just another mediocre listing among the hundreds that are for sale.

How to sell a bike jersey?

Include measurements

As a seller you want to provide as much information to eliminate all doubt from the buyer from purchasing your product. This means as I mentioned before, add measurements and the size of the item in the title. Take the extra time to add centimeters and inches for seasoned and beginner cyclists.

Tell a “why” story

There is a ton of research confirming product descriptions written in a narrative sell more than those that don’t. Descriptions don’t need to be long, they need to answer why you bought it, and what you like about the product; this covers key details and why you’re selling it.

Also, write to the “persona” who would love to use it. For instance, “this summer jersey is great for 90 degree and high humidity days as the material quickly wicks away perspiration after about 5 minutes of resting in the shade.

If you’re not a writer, make a bulleted list applying the same narrative approach.

Start with pictures

Use pictures as your writing guide to help write the description. Pictures make sure you cover the imperfections and the jersey was priced accurately. Buyers that catch imperfections will demand a lower price so take your time with this step. I personally like having people point to holes in pictures to see the size of a hole in context to a finger.

As a reminder, include pictures of the back and from armpit to armpit to show chest size. I’m amazed to see the number of posts where back images are missing and with no mention of back pockets. To a buyer, this is frustrating because now they have to contact you for things the seller knowingly should add.

hole in cycling jersey

Price it right

Search for comparable jerseys on reseller sites to accurately price your jersey. If you’re serious about selling it, consider lowering the price by 10–15% compared to the competition to move it. If you're selling an exclusive, limited edition, or pro jersey, price it at a premium.

Wrap up

Cycling jerseys are technical garments constructed of breathable and lightweight fabrics. Good jerseys are made of breathable fabric to keep you comfortable while cycling. Jerseys with zippers are convenient to put on and take off, and they also promote ventilation. Silicone is used as a gripper to keep the sleeves of high-end cycling jerseys that are made of silicone in place.

The jersey's bottom and sleeve hems make it snug and well-fitted. Cycling jerseys that are permeable to airflow are the most effective. Allowing air to circulate through allows you to stay cooler and sweat less. High-quality jerseys' antibacterial capabilities prevent microbes from forming and keep the jersey smelling fresh. Bike jerseys come in a variety of styles, ranging from tight-fitting XC jerseys to loose-fitting casual jerseys.

Look for secondhand jerseys or used cycling kits online before purchasing a jersey. Selling used jerseys is simple as long as the description offers a story, the photographs are clear, and the measurements are provided.

Whether you ride a mountain, road, gravel, or commuting bike, there's a jersey for every occasion.

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