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The best road and cycling trails in Illinois


Are you an Illinois resident who wants to explore the state's most beautiful trekking and biking trails while having the necessary wisdom and equipment? If so, this guide is for you!


Biking has gained a lot of attention from people across the nation ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started. We've seen a tremendous increase in enthusiasm for biking in Illinois, and since this trend is spreading across the country, we wanted to put together a comprehensive guide that would, in a sense, explain how to begin your biking journey from some of the leading trail sites in Illinois. 

When it comes to trails, Illinois has something for everyone with a diverse selection of multi-use trails that span urban settings, cute little towns, and countryside brimming with scenery. Above all, anywhere in the state, it's easy to locate places to go biking. The terrain ranges from flat prairie land to rolling hills, towering bluffs, and breathtaking river and lakefront views. Here are a few trails to get you started:

1. Illinois Prairie Path 

The 61-mile Illinois Prairie Path, which forms a three-pronged fork shape through Chicago's western suburbs, is significant in the history of rail trails because it was one of the first successful conversions in the country. It shouldn't be surprising that this outstanding trail has been given a prestigious spot in the Rail-Trail Hall of Fame.


2. Bloomingdale Trail (The 606) 

Even if you usually ride or hike on flat ground, Chicago's almost 3-mile Bloomingdale Trail, also called the 606, offers a more advanced and elevated experience.rience.


3. Great River Trail 

The 62-mile Great River Trail in the Quad Cities passes through riverfront communities like Thomson and Moline, which are renowned for their charming downtowns, and offers stunning views of the Mississippi River.

Additionally, the list of the most scenic locations in Illinois is numerous, for instance, the MCT Nickel Plate Trail, Springbrook Prairie Trail, Silver Lake Trail, and more

Get ready for a biking adventure in Illinois

Let's face it: Illinois is a large state that is home to all bikers, whether they are professionals, amateurs, or newcomers. It can be challenging to decide where to begin exploring this vast area. Explore the beauty of Illinois in its entirety; bikers plan long-stay trips, making bikepacking and endurance riding more common.


Illinois welcomes bikers from many different cultures, states, and even countries. Many avid cyclists go to Illinois each year for one of the state's many biking events or simply to ride the state's stunning trails on their cutting-edge bikes.


Biking communities are well-known to be heavily influenced by fashion trends and technological advancements, so the style of biking changes frequently and requires the purchase of more advanced clothing, gear and bikes. Furthermore, these advanced bikes are frequently so appealing that other cyclists are drawn to them and want to purchase the same or higher caliber bike.


For bikers, it can be hard to get what they want because it can take a lot of time and money to find the right bike and gear. 

The Pedals App

Pedals helps consumers locate the best deals on a wide range of bikes, gear, and clothes for sale in Illinois. Our app assists you in locating local riding gear from cyclists in your area.


With the help of the Pedals app, it’s easy to buy or sell used bikes, bike parts all locally. The user experience was designed to make buying and selling cycling equipment as easy as 1-2-3. Pedals is located on the Apple app store. Used bikes for sale in Illinois are easily found on Pedals.


With the Pedals app, cyclists who might not normally be willing to purchase a high-end bike can still buy the bike of their dreams while staying within their budget.


What kind of bike do you want to ride on the trail?

The first thing you'll need to get started on your Illinois adventure is, of course, a bike. There are numerous different types of bikes available these days, and you should consider what type of bike you want to buy and ride. 


Your options include road bikes, time trial and triathlon bikes, gravel and cyclocross bikes, mountain bikes, e-bikes, mountain bikes, bikes for exercise, hybrid bikes, and recumbent bikes. 


Riding these bikes in iconic landmarks are so enjoyable that any bike will do. The Pedals app offers a wide selection of bikes, including racing, off-road, and e-bikes. Don’t pay full price at a bike shop when you can buy pre-owned bikes on the Pedals app. 


Top bike races in Illinois

Illinois has a thriving bike culture with numerous biking clubs, groups, and riding locations. People from various regions flock here to enjoy biking to the fullest, and the majority of bikers do so to train for the annual races that take place here.

Along with road, cyclocross, and mountain bike racing, there are non-competitive and charitable rides held all over the state. The Illinois Cycling Association supports amateur bike racing by keeping a list of racing teams and clubs and a calendar of races. The races that are listed on the calendar include cyclocross, track, criterium, and road races.

If you're looking to get into racing on an Illinois track but can't afford a high-end professional bike, there are affordable options available to you. If you need to buy a bike but can't afford a new one, the Pedals app is here to help. We sell used bikes from top manufacturers that are of high quality at prices that are much more reasonable than those of traditional stores.


Essential bike clothing and professional gear

Biking is a sport where the wrong clothing is more problematic than the weather. Enthusiasts frequently choose attractive clothing that reflects their passion while also being versatile. Our Pedals app has gently used, high-quality goods and cycling clothes for a fraction of the price of what they would cost at a store. Whether you're looking for a cool jersey with a fancy pattern, a pair of little black bib shorts, a super-insulated winter jacket that lets you breathe easy even in the cold, or any other comfort, you can find it here.


It's always a good idea to use the Pedals app to buy used biking gear and other related items, since it's expensive to buy brand-new biking gear and make sure it fits right. Additionally, used protective equipment offers the same level of protection at a a fraction of the price. 


Here at the Pedals app, you can find appropriate clothing for the entire season. Take your time and look around because even the slightest price change reveals a good value.



You can enjoy many biking trails in Illinois with your friends and family or in solitude. But even so, the following is a list of some particular places that are excellent for biking:


1) Top road bike trails


2) Top Gravel bike trails


3) Top mountain bike trails


*You can learn more about these Illinois trails by clicking on the links provided and planning your ideal ride based on your adventure requirements. Enjoy the adventurous journey!


A guide to choosing the appropriate bike safety accessory

Bicyclists typically share the same rights and responsibilities as motorists and must obey all applicable laws specific to bicycles when using public roads which include wearing helmets (for those under 15) and strictly adhering to road safety and regulations.


In addition, to follow road safety, all road bike models and integrated bike accessories should be constructed with the highest quality materials, along with the right safety accessory as safety is the most critical aspect while biking.


For your and your riding companion's safety, you can discover the essential tools in the Pedals app, including cassettes, chains, brake pads, and extras like fenders and lighting. Even the necessary bike-packing equipment, add-on parts, and accessories are available to you through our all-in-one platform to satisfy the demands of any bike lover.


Considering the security aspect, The Pedals bike selling app can also help you find everything you need for your bike ride, from professional gear like an electric derailleur groupset and profound-profile full carbon wheels to great entry-level gear like the right road bike shoes, shorts with a tight-fitting jersey, and seat pad. All of this is offered at substantially discounted prices for all used products.

The Pedals app

The Pedals app provides a wide range of exclusive bikes to satisfy every biker's needs and dreams of owning better bikes, from high-end road bikes to mountain bikes, including gravel bikes, fitness bikes, city bikes, and bikes of all types, one can certainly find the best deal here.


Pedals app is a useful iOS app for purchasing or selling used bikes and related equipment. Recently released, the app offers a wide range of bikes with the assurance that these bikes will be of the highest caliber and have been uploaded by trustworthy vendors. By centralizing everything, Pedals ensures that all bikes, parts, gear, and equipment are accessible to everyone. We are therefore recognized as the most practical method for people to utilize when buying or selling used bikes and related equipment to begin their fitness adventure!

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