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The Pedals app amps up Colorado biking

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Sunlight, singletrack, and friendly people create a biker's paradise like Colorado. 


Colorado provides some of the world’s best views, high-altitude roads, byways, and hundreds of scenic miles for cyclists. Colorado has stunning biking trails and destinations, which range from high desert vistas to wildflower-shrouded mountains sides. The vivid biking communities in Colorado are so full of life and strive for adventure that biking events abound from spring to autumn. All types of road-biking and trail-riding options span throughout the state all year long.


The sunshine state stands tall as a symbol of raw natural beauty, with its epic views and fascinating array of wildlife. Hikers have long explored the scenic views and winding trails, but they aren't the only ones who enjoy what the state has to offer. Biking is one of the best ways to experience Colorado's natural wonders. Cyclists, look for the best bike routes in Colorado, where you can enjoy a variety of bike trails, including mountain trails, gravel trails, and race courses.


For those seeking to gain some altitude and push their biking limits, the best and most well-known biking routes in Colorado make up this list.

Colorado's longest biking trail

The Colorado Trail is Colorado's longest biking Trail. It extends 540 miles from Durango to Denver. Scenic views cover around 6 wilderness protected areas. The route is 485 miles long. In addition to the wilderness options, the trail passes by six national forests, eight mountain ranges, and five significant river systems. This trail provides endless views to keep you motivated and pedaling.


The trail was conceived and built in the 1970s and 1980s by the US Forest Service and the Colorado Mountain Trails Association to allow trail enthusiasts to enjoy the beauty of the Colorado mountains. The Colorado Trail was completed in September 1987, ushering in decades of enjoyment for bikers, hikers and equestrians alike.


The trail is a must to experience with its twists and turns. Colorado has many types of cycling adventures for you to enjoy per your cycling style and interests.

1. Mount Evans Road

Biking up one of the highest points in the country is undoubtedly challenging, but every summer, thousands of bikers test their mettle up this 48-mile ascent. The Mount Evans Byway travels through a range of ecosystems, from high-altitude tundra to forested glades. The road starts a protracted section of switchbacks close to the summit. Bikers gain 5,540 feet of elevation in the 2.5-hour timeframe. The Rocky Mountains views overlook sharp peaks with a fresh breeze cooling the body after heated climbs – a welcome refresher.


There are no services along the route, so make sure to pack a bike kit. If you don't have one, look for it on the Pedals app, you'll undoubtedly find what you are looking for.

2. Trail Ridge Road (Rocky Mountain National Park)

While riding a bike along the 28-mile, Trail Ridge Road scenic byway, you are surrounded by the magnificence of rocky peaks and lush pine tree woodlands. Straightaways and turns that highlight various facets of the park's beauty are mixed together in the ride. The granite peaks of the Rockies, which are visible in the distance, stand in stark contrast to the tundra higher up, where the foliage is only a few feet tall. The 4.5 miles of continuous road that traverse at a height of more than 12,000 feet make up the ride's most picturesque section. Here, you can catch your breath, nutrition-up and enjoy the views.

3. Independence Pass

The Independence Pass reaches an altitude of 12,095 feet. Along the way, notice how aspens and evergreens merge into one another as the jagged mountain peaks in the distance draw angular patterns in the sky. The best time to see the aspens' color transition from green to glistening gold and orange is right before the route is closed for the season in the fall. If you decide to finish your 37.6-mile ride in Aspen, one of the ride's endpoints, the town is undoubtedly equipped with everything, including a variety of spas to help you unwind after the long ride.


Quick Tip: This route is only open from Memorial Day to Labor Day because of the route's high altitude and wild winter weather.


4. Peak To Peak Scenic and Historic Byway

Peak to Peak is undoubtedly a challenging but magnificent ride for the cyclists. There is a continuous ascend and descend in elevation, which is correlated with numerous undulations as you ride along the peaks of the Rocky Mountains. In addition, it also enables you to enjoy the views of the jagged Indian Peaks and the soaring mass of Longs Peak near Allenspark as you ride, skirting the lower ridges of the Front Range. This 55-mile route passes through several towns, all of which provide rest stops to power-up for the next leg. The gaming towns of Black Hawk and Central City will be your last stop if you travel north to south. If you take the northerly route, you’ll be right outside the doorstep of the Rocky Mountain National Park in Estes Park.


5. Loveland Pass

The Loveland Pass is a popular route used by Denver residents to access nearby ski areas during the winter. However, the temperature here is more pleasant in the spring, summer, and fall seasons, enticing bikers to take-on the Continental Divide on this switchback-heavy route. The grade of the road, which is consistently 6.7 percent, is constant ascent. The 19-mile ride winds through evergreen forests, with spectacular views into a high-mountain valley from the top of the switchback section.


Quick Tip: Even though this road is open all year round, it is best to plan a ride during the relatively warmer seasons of spring, summer, and fall.

Choose the right bike in Colorado

According to a recent study conducted by several state agencies, biking contributed $1.6 billion to Colorado's economy in 2015, and nearly half of the state's adults rode bikes in the previous year, making Colorado one of the country's most active states.


To experience the legacy and biking culture in Colorado, Biking enthusiasts of all skill levels, including professionals, amateurs, and newcomers, flock to Colorado on their days off to get their blood flowing and their heart rates up with semi-intense climbs. If you manage your energy and nutrition the climbs are easier to tackle.


The massive popularity of bikers from different locations from Colorado the world is a scene of bike diversity from rookie to pro. This factor significantly alters the fashion for biking as other bikers are highly influenced by other rider’s kit style. Avid cyclists tend to be on the constant look-out for their next bike often a higher caliber to their current one.


Cyclists often look first at finding a new bike and tend to be discouraged by retail price. Buying used bikes is a great way find get a high quality bike with all the bells and whistles at the fraction of the price. And you never know how much you’ll get for it given the seller’s motivation. The Pedals app is smart starting point to find your dream bike locally.

Find used bikes in Colorado

The Pedals app allows users to grab amazing deals for a wide range of used bikes for sale in Colorado or any other state of the country. This app is a much more accessible approach for people who want a premium bike but do not want to pay new bike prices. Thus, with the help of the Pedals app- the best second-hand bike-selling app, buying or selling pre-owned basic or exotic bikes, bike parts, and local equipment becomes simple and affordable.


In addition, you will benefit from the best user experience from the Pedals app's available on the Apple app store. Download the app and find a variety of used bikes for sale in Colorado and as well as neighboring states. Pedal’s include driving directions making it easy to see how far you need to drive to get your cycling goodies.

Best riding apparel for biking in Colorado

Cyclists participate in hundreds of biking events that happen every year. Cyclist favorites include Ride the Rockies (June), Tour de Fat in Fort Collins (August), and newer events like the West Elk Biking Classic that happens in (September). Cyclists show up prepared to ride their best with the right gear and apparel. Cycling in Colorado weather is quite consistent so having the right clothing is key to making riding enjoyable. For hot days and hills, a cool jersey keeps you dry and comfortable as every cyclist comes to expect.


Find thermal coats, vests, and any other winter clothing you could need if you plan on riding throughout the winter or in locations with cooler temperatures. You can find new and used bikes in Colorado searches on Pedals. These bikes may provide you with both fashion and functionality, depending on your preferences.


New bikes, equipment, and clothing can be very expensive, and not everyone can buy them new. The Pedals app is best for selling used bikes in Colorado. The app sells used bikes, parts, and clothes to biking enthusiasts across the nation.

Top bike riding locations in Colorado

Although Colorado has many riding paths that you can enjoy on your own or with friends and family, the regions listed below are especially ideal for biking:


1) Top location for road bikes-


2) Top location for gravel bikes-


3) Top location for mountain bikes-

Top bike races and events in Colorado

Colorado biking events reach unprecedented heights and fun from the iconic Bob Cook Memorial Mount Evans Hill Climb, which began in 1962, to the Leadville Trail 100 MTB, the second oldest 100-mile marathon mountain bike race in the United States.


Legendary Colorado biking events, however, don't always come to an end atop a Rocky Mountain peak. The six-day, 400+ mile Ride the Rockies, which was first held in 1986, and the challenging, Triple Bypass are two renowned events that draw bikers from all over the world. Racers finish in the middle of the towns where the event is being held, a nice change to a Rocky mountain end.


For more than three decades, the Triple Bypass has traversed three mountain passes that are higher than 10,500 feet. Its own merits make it an incredible biking bucket list ride. However, it pales compared to its powerful sibling, the Double Triple Bypass (240 miles and 20,000 feet of climbing in two days).

Choose the right bike accessory for Colorado

Thousands of bikers take part in such events and many others, throughout the year. Hereby, having the right accessories with you while biking can really help prevent injuries. Whether you're participating or practicing for any upcoming race event, hitting the trails for a mountain bike camping trip, riding your e-bike to work, or for any way you utilize your bike, having the right tools and accessories can make biking more convenient and fun.


All road bike models' integrated accessories must be built to the highest standards to guarantee the best reliability and performance. You can search for anything you need for your bike on the Pedals app, from professional gear like an electric derailleur groupset to deep-profile complete carbon wheels. All of this is accessible at a lower cost than purchasing new.


Additionally, for your safety and for those you ride with, you can discover tool and all things cycling-related on the Pedals app. This includes cassettes, chains, brake pads, tire fenders, and lighting. You’ll find all types of bikes that include cyclocross, trail, mountain, enduro, and road bikes. Our all-in-one platform can even provide you with the necessary bike-packing gear, add-on components, and accessories to meet the needs of any bike enthusiast.


Save on bikes and equipment in Colorado

Pedalsapp a helpful iOS app for buying or selling used bikes and types of cycling equipment. You get an extensive selection of road, mountain, and e-bikes that can be purchased with the confidence that you’ll get quality and well-maintained gear from local sellers.


Pedals is aware of how critical it is to use equipment that is both long-lasting and of the highest possible quality when riding a bicycle. Pedals has organized everything, making it incredibly simple to find what you're looking for, as well as buy and sell items. We are the best choice for cyclists in Colorado who are interested in selling or buying used bikes for sale in Colorado.


So, pack your stuff and get ready for your Colorado biking adventure!

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