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Best mountain biking in Alabama

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There is something special about riding a bike along one of the many National Recreation Trails in the nation or a paved multi-use path that was once a railroad line. These paths in Alabama take you through some amazing backcountry where you can see wetlands, rivers, creeks, and wildlife. You will explore small towns where history abounds and time has seemingly stood still!  Aside from all types of cycling, you'll find the best mountain biking in Alabama.


Alabama is the state with the highest level of biodiversity east of the Mississippi and is also home to river deltas, coastal plains, and open prairies. Fortunately, a robust system of trails offers access to its scenic bounty. The best part of Alabama is its recreational trails, which are abundant and waiting to be explored.














Alabama is known for its beautiful scenery and scenic roads. This makes it a popular place for cyclists who want to ride up steep hills and see beautiful scenery. Here are some popular cycling routes in Alabama that feature hills:


The top 3 bike climbs in Alabama are


1. County-Road-39: County Road 39 is a rural road in Alabama's Shelby County that both drivers and cyclists use. It's a 1.3-mile bike climb in Alabama with an overall elevation gain of 842 feet and a final height of 1,576 feet, the average gradient is 12.9%


The gradient of this climb averages 12.9%. The steepest quarter mile of this climb is 15.8%, and the steepest continuous mile is 13.6%. The climb has a 10% grade for 1.1 miles. The gradient on this climb is broken down as follows: 0.2 miles (15.4%) at a 5–10% grade; 0.8 miles (61.2%) at a 10-15% grade; and 0.3 miles (23.3%) at a 15-20% grade.


2. Keel Mt. North: The north side of Keel Mountain Road near Huntsville, Alabama, is a short but extremely steep test and is perhaps the state's most challenging climb. The first mile of this road is among the steepest in the United States, so be prepared to start early as it's a popular hill for cyclists. The road turns to the right shortly after the assault begins and then eases off for a short distance. From this point on, the grade varies and only eases at an intersection near the top.


3. Mt. Cheaha West: Cycling up Mount Cheaha West, which is known for its challenging terrain, winding roads, and breathtaking scenery, is a well-liked activity in Alabama. To get the most out of this experience, which is both challenging and rewarding and has breathtaking views, you should be ready for the steep climbs and the weather, which could be bad.  This 3.3-mile bike climb with an average gradient is 6.5% and a total elevation gain of 1,141 ft, finishing at 2,406 ft. The gradient of this climb averages 6.5%. The steepest quarter mile of this climb is 8.5% and the steepest continuous mile is 7.7% with a 10% grade.


According to locals, the above listed were some of the best climbs in Alabama to enjoy biking.


Get ready for a biking adventure 

Alabama offers a variety of bike adventures for cyclists of all levels and interests, including road cycling, mountain biking, bikepacking, scenic rides, and more. These include the Cheaha Challenge and Tour de Blue, Oak Mountain State Park, Monte Sano State Park, and Chewacla State Park. 


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Riding apparel that fits your comfort & safety 

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Top locations to ride by bike

Bike riding with friends and family in Alabama can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for all. Alabama has a wide range of biking trails and routes, from beginner to advanced, so there is something for everyone.


Alabama has something for every cyclist, whether you want a leisurely ride with your family or a more challenging adventure with your friends. Alabama is a great place to explore on two wheels, thanks to its scenic routes and welcoming bike community.


For more experienced cyclists, there are several challenging mountain bike trails throughout the state, such as the Coldwater Mountain Bike Trail in Anniston and the Oak Mountain State Park trails in Birmingham. These trails offer a range of technical features, jumps, and drops for those looking for a more adrenaline-fueled adventure.


Alabama is also home to many bike-friendly cities, such as Birmingham and Mobile, which offer bike lanes and infrastructure for commuting and urban riding. Many local cycling clubs organize group rides and events throughout the year, providing opportunities to connect with other cyclists and explore the area together.


Road biking, gravel biking, and mountain biking are just some of the types of cycling available in Alabama. Different types of cycling each present their own set of challenges and rewards, while also allowing riders to see more of the state.

If you're an avid mountain biker, you won't want to miss the best mountain biking trails in Alabama, which offer challenging terrain, stunning scenery, and an unforgettable riding experience.


Whether you prefer the pavement, gravel, or trails, cyclists of every stripe will find their perfect niche in the great state of Alabama. It's perfect for bikers of all skill levels thanks to its varied landscape, beautiful roads, and supportive cycling community.


1) Top location for road bikes


2) Top location for gravel bikes


3) Top location for mountain bikes


Mountain biking in Alabama is a thrilling adventure, with a variety of trails that cater to beginners and experts alike, providing the perfect opportunity to explore the beautiful scenery of the state while getting a great workout.

Choosing the right bike accessory 

Getting the right bike accessory can make a big difference in how much you enjoy riding. There are a lot of different accessories to choose from, so you can make your ride more comfortable, go faster, or look better.


One of the most important things a cyclist can have is a good helmet. Helmets come in many different styles and prices, but it's important to choose one that fits well and meets safety standards. Look for a helmet with vents to keep you cool and an adjustable fit system to make sure it fits well and keeps you safe.

Some riders may also need a good pair of cycling shoes. Cycling shoes are made to be stiff and keep your feet firmly connected to the pedals. This lets you pedal faster and keep your balance. Look for shoes that fit well and offer good support, as well as features like ventilation and materials that won't break down quickly.

Other things to think about are cycling gloves, which give you a better grip and more comfort, a bike computer, which lets you keep track of your rides and performance, a water bottle holder, which makes it easy to stay hydrated, and lights, which keep you safe on early morning or late night rides.

Think about what you need and what you like when choosing bike accessories. Think about the kind of riding you do, the weather and conditions you ride in, and your own style and comfort preferences. You can make cycling more fun and useful with the right accessories, so you can get the most out of every ride. Find local bike accessories on the Pedals bike selling app, to find everything you need. 

Alabama is a big place where many races, social bike events, and professional criterium series take place every lights, as well as any other equipment, are all available and listed for sale. Our all-in-one platform can even provide you with the necessary bike-packing gear, add-on components, and bike packs to meet your riding needs.


Alabama's top bike races

Alabama is a big place where many races, social bike events, and professional criterium series take place every year. Bikers from all over the country and even the world come to Alabama to race in a wide range of events. Some events, like The Sunny King Criterium, are live-streamed online for nine hours straight, so that bike fans from all over the world can see and hear what is going on.


Sunny King Criterium

Sunny King Criterium is the best race in the southeast. The best racers in the country come to this race, and it sets the tone for the rest of the summer's peloton. The course is fast and flowing, with a decisive sprint finish that you must time perfectly to win. There is no better place to kick off the criterium racing season than Alabama, where speed is the name of the game.


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Pedals sells more than just bikes and clothes. They also have a lot of accessories that will help you get the most out of your rides. You can find everything you need for a safe and comfortable bike ride, from helmets and gloves to water bottles and bike locks.


Overall, if you like biking in Alabama and want to find the gear and equipment you need, the Pedals app is a great way to do so. Find used bicycles for sale in Alabama plus a large selection of bikes, clothes, and accessories, you're sure to find everything you need to make your rides more fun and efficient.

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