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The passion for cycling in Alaska


When it comes to bicycling, Alaska is among the top states in the South. This state is home to an extensive network of paved road bike trails, which are continuously being expanded upon and upgraded. The bike trails of Alaska are a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the serenity of the great outdoors.


Alaska is a particularly welcoming place for cyclists, as demonstrated by the fact that the League of American Bicyclists has ranked it as a silver-level Bike Friendly Community and that there are a large number of trails specifically designated for biking there. In Anchorage, there are currently 248 miles of bikeable paths and lanes, and it is anticipated that this will grow to 541 miles by the year 2028. Anchorage is widely recognized as the birthplace of fat-tire biking, and the city is home to a network of trails that receives high praise on a national scale.

Let's explore Alaska's cycling paradise

According to the experiences of other people and the reviews that they have given, Alaska is without a doubt a paradise for bikers because it has trails that are surrounded by breathtaking natural terrains and lovely views. Bikers in Alaska have a wide variety of options for riding to choose from. Opportunities for mountain biking can be found on a variety of terrains, including highways, country roads, and rugged mountain paths. Even riding a bike on the ice is not impossible.


Before embarking on a long, leisurely ride with numerous breathtaking vistas along some infrequently traveled routes in Alaska, keep in mind that many areas are remote and cities are scarce. If you're seeking leisurely bike rides or something new to feel and experience, you won't be disappointed by Alaska's top-notch bicycle routes. Once you begin cycling here, you will be able to satisfy both of these functional and pleasurable cycling needs. You should bring your preferred bicycles so that you can fully appreciate the breathtaking terrain of Alaska while cycling.


The best bicycle routes in Alaska are listed below: (not in any particular order of location, but based on the overall experience.)

1. Hillside / Far North Bicentennial Park

Experience the great outdoors to the fullest at Anchorage's 4,000-acre Far North Bicentennial Park. This park, which is the largest in Anchorage, Alaska, is frequented by more than a million people on an annual basis. Because both brown and black bears are known to frequent this area during the summer months, it is important to educate yourself about bears and take the necessary precautions to keep yourself safe. The Chugach State Park can be reached by way of the Hillside trails in the Far North Bicentennial Park, which provides access to the park as well. In the warmer months, bicycling is a great activity to enjoy on the park's many different multi-use paths.

2. Denali National Park

Denali National Park is comprised of approximately six million acres of wilderness, all of which can be accessed via a single road ribbon. Bikers will notice that the low-elevation taiga woodland gives way to high alpine tundra, snowy mountains, and glaciers as they travel along the road. Denali Mountain, which has a peak elevation of 20,310 feet, is recognized as the continent of North America's most elevated peak. The Alaska Range includes a seemingly endless number of high peaks, all of which surround the park on all sides, and they are a part of the range. Cyclists are permitted to ride their bikes on park roads, parking spaces, campground loops, and the official bike trails that connect the Nenana River and the Denali Visitor Center. If you want to make it a multi-day biking trip, make sure to plan ahead and reserve campsites along the park road. This will ensure that you have a place to stay each night.

3. Resurrection pass

The Resurrection Pass Trail is by far the most well-known backcountry route in the South-central region of Alaska. This route is located in the Kenai Mountains and travels through the range. This trail is amazing overall, but it really shines when it comes to those who ride mountain bikes. A trail that is 38 miles long connects the historic gold mining district of Hope to a trailhead that is located close to Cooper Landing and the Kenai River. By following the Kenai River, one can get to the trailhead. Every day throughout the entire year, a significant number of cyclists visit this authentic Alaskan landmark.

The list goes on to include a number of other beautiful trails that Alaska is lucky to have. Here are some of them:

Biking adventures in Alaska

The state of Alaska is home to a fervent cycling community that includes professionals, amateurs, and newcomers who offer rides that are on par with the best in the world. In order to keep up with the constantly changing trends in the cycling industry, cycling fans often have to upgrade their bikes and other gear. This can be a very expensive thing to do, especially if you want to import or buy a high-quality bike, which requires you to spend more time and money. But the Pedals app makes it possible for people who might not be able to buy a bike otherwise to buy the bike of their dreams while staying within their budget.


Pedals is a hub for the used cycling industry

Pedals, a trusted bike-selling app in Alaska allows users to grab the same deal for the same or slightly different product while enabling you to choose from our wide range of used bikes in Alaska. This app is the best option for people who want a premium bike but cannot afford to purchase one. With the assistance of the Pedals app, it is simple to buy or sell used bikes, bike parts, and local equipment. This app is the best option for people who want a premium bike but cannot afford to purchase one. With the assistance of the Pedals app, it is simple to buy or sell used bikes, bike parts, and local equipment. Additionally, the app provides you with the best IOS user experience for selling, searching, and purchasing used bikes for sale in Alaska or other states of the country.


Best riding apparel for Alaska’s bike trails

Lack of proper and comfortable riding clothes can lead to a number of problems and even make biking on Alaska's beautiful trails less fun and enjoyable.


Cycling enthusiasts frequently wear attire that is both visually appealing and functional. In the Pedals app, you can always find new collections with functional and fashionable products, as well as pre-owned cycling apparel for a fraction of its original price, whether it's a cool jersey with a fancy pattern, a pair of bib shorts, or a super-insulated winter jacket that keeps you sweat-free even when it's cold outside.


Best places to ride a bike in Alaska

There are numerous cycling trails in Alaska that can be enjoyed with friends or alone, but many of them are not suitable for groups. However, the following is a list of specific locations that are ideal for cycling:


1) Top location for road bikes


2) Top location for gravel bikes


3) Top location for mountain bikes

These are the best places to go biking in Alaska. So pack your bags and get ready for a biking adventure.


Bikepacking in Alaska 

Alaskans love bikepacking and pushing their riding frontiers. Bikepacking is a mix of self-supported backpacking and all-terrain cycling. It combines the freedom of a multi-day adventure off the beaten path with the excitement of riding a bike. It's about venturing further into less traveled areas, both near and far, via singletrack trails, gravel roads, and forgotten dirt roads, carrying only the essentials. 


Alaska's most notable bike-packing routes


1. Kenai 250 - Epic Endurance Bikepacking

The Kenai 250 is a difficult route for experienced backcountry endurance riders. It has over 200 miles of singletrack that go through some of Alaska's most beautiful scenery on the Kenai Peninsula. The ride includes the historic Resurrection Pass, the Russian Lakes Trail, the Lost Lake Trail, Johnson Pass, and many other highlights.


This event is completely self-funded. Riders must bring all equipment required for the ride. The route passes through a number of resupply-accessible small towns. There will be no outside help, planning, making reservations, calling restaurants to order food ahead of time, or waiting for a ride. Ghost riders are not only allowed, but even encouraged, on trails where there are a lot of bears, like Russian Lakes, especially at "night." Cell phones are permitted only for safety and photography purposes, not for race tactics.


2. Alaska Divide

One of the most thrilling and isolated routes you'll ever ride is the Alaska Divide. From Anchorage to Deadhorse, the Alaska Divide is a 1043-mile unsupported bike-packing adventure. The harshest climate, the most dangerous predators, and the most inaccessible wilderness of the entire continent can all be found in Alaska, the Last Frontier of North America. Alaska also has some of the best gravel roads in the country, which has always made it a popular place for people who like to ride on gravel roads that are hard.


Bikepacking equipment, find used on the Pedals app

Since the weather and terrain are unpredictable in Alaska, you will need equipment that is not only durable but also resistant to the elements and suited to the environment. When searching for appropriate bikepacking equipment for Alaska, keep the following in mind:


Bicycle: If you plan to go bikepacking in Alaska, you should look for a sturdy, long-lasting bicycle that is capable of navigating rough terrain and transporting a significant amount of gear. Find gear to buy and sell on the  bike-selling app Alaska. Options worth considering include a mountain bike or a gravel bike with wide tires and a sturdy frame. Remember, keep your bike as light as possible despite the amount of gear on it. One way to save weight on your endurance bike is to use deep-profile full carbon wheels. 


Frame bags, handlebar bags, and seat bags are the three types of bags that are required for carrying gear while on a bikepacking trip. You should look for bags that can withstand the weight of your equipment and are either watertight or water-resistant.


When it comes to finding shelter in the wilderness of Alaska, a durable tent or bivy sack is absolutely necessary. Try to find a bivy sack or tent that is not only resistant to the elements but also able to withstand high winds.


For sleeping, you need a warm sleeping bag and a sleeping pad. Alaska is known for its cold weather, so you need these things to stay comfortable. Try to find a sleeping bag with a rating that matches the range of temperatures you expect to see.


Apparel: Warm, weather-resistant clothing is a must when exploring Alaska's wild areas. Consider investing in outerwear that is wind- and wind-resistant, insulating, and either watertight or resistant to water.


Navigation: A map, compass, and GPS device are useful tools for navigating Alaska's rough terrain. A GPS device with a long battery life and the ability to withstand bad weather is what you should seek out.


Organizing the world’s used bikes and cycling gear

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