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Drawing from 30 years of administrative and legal experience across diverse geographies, Hazel is proficient in administrative and legal matters, and brings a wealth of expertise as an editor, ensuring that written content not only maintains accuracy but is also engaging and well-structured. She approaches every task with precision, crafting clear and compelling narratives to elevate projects.

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My Story

I'm a Pittsburgh native with a passion for fashion and a heart for adventure. Over the years, I've become known as a reseller of premium women's attire, shoes, and accessories on platforms like Ebay, Poshmark, and Pedals. My journey in the world of online resale has been both exciting and fulfilling.

But my story doesn't end there. I proudly bear the title of "Swim Mom." While I'm not a cyclist yet, I hold hopes of donning that mantle once my kids are old enough to take the wheel. 

When I'm not busy with my online store or cheering on my budding athletes, I'm a dedicated dog mom to Ziggy, a gentle giant of a Rottweiler weighing in at 120 pounds. Ziggy adds plenty of love and laughter to our household.

Born and raised in the heart of Pittsburgh, I carry the city's spirit with me in all my endeavors. My journey is a testament to my love for style, my family, and the joy of exploring new horizons, one stroke at a time.


I'm the grammar guardian that ensures our words pedal smoothly and elecrically!

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